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After completing a Bachelor of Design in 2014, I pursued travel & lived abroad to learn more about myself & the world. I fell into UX Design by chance and haven't looked back since. I've always had a love for design but the missing link for me was to help people and having that as priority. This is why I thrive as a UX Designer & Design Facilitator, I am also passionate and motivated by inclusivity, sustainability & gender equality. I am currently pursuing a full time role based in

Sydney or Melbourne.



Working exclusively with the founder of Workabout to discover why the existing product platform wasn’t working for its users. My approach was to zoom out completely, discover the right problem and work within grey areas to solve it. I presented my solution via low fidelity clickable prototype, I was involved in the...


We worked lean on a 2 week on a HCD project to create a Hi-Fi Interactive Prototype backed by User Research & Testing.


We did 5 design iterations while testing & interviewing simultaneously. Each UX area had a lead yet all tasks were shared amongst the entire...


We were tasked to discover a user problem through a UX Research methodology. We began with the broad idea of Activewear usage. This then led to a scope of discovering different genders usage & perception of lululemon, in order to propose a service design solution to  increase their men's market...